Food Grade Thermoforming

food-grade-thermoformingWhen it comes to food product thermoforming the sky is the limit. From the clear boxes containing strawberries, to foam trays meats are packaged in, and plastic cups of yogurt thermoforming shapes the landscape of our grocery stores. These containers are lightweight, rigid, and provide protective barriers from outside contamination. Thermoform packaging allows products to be displayed in appealing ways, while prolonging shelf life. Clear containers allow consumers to see the product without exposing it to outside sources of contamination. They are also found in microwavable single serve meals, in a more ridged heat resistant form. Thermoformed food products also come in multi-use products. These range from plastic silverware to hard plastic plates and cups that are dishwasher safe. These products are resistant to bacterial build up and are hard to break. The food grade packaging plastics are typically polypropylene, HDPE and PET. They can be made from recycled plastics as well as virgin plastics depending on the food product it contains.