Pressure Thermoforming

Pressure thermoforming is used primarily in medical equipment, automotive, and retail industries. This thermoforming method is ideal for design oriented, large plastic parts. An example of one of these products is the smooth plastic body covering a Jet Ski engine. Pressurized air compresses a heated plastic sheet to the mold surface. The air pressure ensures crisp textures and tooled aesthetic elements of the mold. This method is much cheaper than injection molding and creates a very similar finished product with uniform walls and even better design elements. The types of plastic sheeting used in pressure thermoforming are listed and described below.


ABS – Broad spectrum resins that can be used for a variety of applications.

PC/ABS – Alloy that delivers a flame retardant product along with high impact durability.

HDPE – Used when high impact resistance is needed.

TPO – High impact resistance in extreme cold and excessive heat.

HIPS – Low cost resin that is used in highly decorative products.

PVC/Acrylic – Most commonly used resin, highly decorative and heat resistant.